Kibuye Hope Hospital


"Kibuye Hope Hospital exists to show God's love, to treat the ill and injured and to raise up the next generation of medical professionals who can reach further into the community and do the same, one person at a time"


The Kibuye Hope Hospital began as a mission hospital in the 1940's, founded through the Free Methodist Church of Burundi. It has now partnered with Hope Africa University to continue its mandate to make Kibuye Hope Hospital a teaching hospital of excellence in order to provide care for the people of Burundi.  

Burundi is one of the world's poorest countries,  suffering greatly from malnutrition, malaria, and tuberculosis.  In rural Burundi, some children walk up to 6 hours a day to receive a daily portion of porridge and an egg.  

The missionary doctors stationed at Kibuye Hope Hospital are attempting to train scores of medical students to create a sustainable infrastructure for the community that will be fulfilling and long-lasting for the country of Burundi.

Sterilizing Technicians cleaning and organizing surgical instruments

Sterilizing Technicians cleaning and organizing surgical instruments

Current Hospital Statistics

  • 4 surgeons for over 2 million people

  • 7 Burundian doctors on staff

  • 120 medical students per year

  • 206 beds at full capacity

  • Hospital of reference for 12 clinics

  • minimal direct financial support for hospital operations

Eric McLaughlin, family medical physician, teaching medical students

Eric McLaughlin, family medical physician, teaching medical students


Our impact in Burundi

Since our involvement in 2017, Isaiah Mission Foundation has provided supplies and resources to help the Kibuye Hope Hospital accomplish its goal of creating a sustainable infrastructure in Burundi.  

  • We supply orthopedic equipment and hardware specially geared towards fracture management

Chronic malnutrition affects the majority of the population, resulting in the prevalence of bone fractures–injuries that can lead to months of recovery and even a permanent handicap. Our fracture management supplies, which consist of a variety of plates, wires, and screws, provide an opportunity for a less-invasive surgery. This reduces the time required for recuperation, in addition to improving the likelihood of a successful recovery. Given the success of this approach, we are looking to supply this hardware also to other PAACS (Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons) alumni serving throughout many other African nations.  .

  • Contribution to the installation of a solar power system

Imagine doctors surrounding a patient on an operating table, mid-surgery–and then the lights go out. Life-saving equipment shuts off.  For years, the Kibuye Hope Hospital ran off of unreliable energy sources, constantly suffering from detrimental power shortages that impacted the hospital's ability to provide care. With the installation of this solar power system in 2018, the hospital now has clean, constant, and reliable power 24/7.  No more operating by headlight, no more water outages, and no more patients dying from lack of oxygen or incubators going cold. We have been blessed to support this a major improvement to the hospital, which enables its staff to continue performing crucial activities.  

Manufacturing orthopedic fracture equipment

Manufacturing orthopedic fracture equipment

Solar/Emergency Power system installed in 2018 at the Kibuye Hope Hospital

Solar/Emergency Power system installed in 2018 at the Kibuye Hope Hospital