Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons


The Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons is a strategic response to the need for surgeons in Africa. PAACS trains Africa physicians as surgeons to care for the poor and the sick while sharing the love of Christ to their patients to bring hope to those who are suffering.”


PAACS began in 1996, when missionary surgeon Dr. David Thompson realized his work with the Bongolo Hospital in the jungles of Gabon might not have long-lasting effects.  He shared his concerns with colleagues in several nearby African mission hospitals, resulting in the formation of the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS). PAACS focuses on the training of surgeons in these hospitals, partnering with the Christian Medical and Dental Association of the USA to motivate, educate, and equip healthcare professionals worldwide.

Today, PAACS leads nine training programs hosted at nine hospitals in different African countries. 64 surgeons have completed the PAACS surgical training program, dedicating their lives to serving God’s purpose and continuing to work at surgical hospitals on the African continent.

However, PAACS surgeons still struggle with the realities and hardships of working in impoverished countries.  They lack equipment and funds that are necessary to continue their work that is so desperately needed.  

Source: PAACS website

Loading equipment to ship to PAACS alumni.

Loading equipment to ship to PAACS alumni.


  • 9 general surgery training programs

  • 64 completely trained surgeons

  • 5 partners

  • 56,000,000 people in need of medical care

  • 9 hospitals in 8 different countries: Tanzania, gabon, niger, egypt, kenya, malawi, cameroon, ethiopia

Displaying newly designed orthopedic equipment.

Displaying newly designed orthopedic equipment.


Our impact through PAACS

Since Isaiah Mission Foundation’s partnership with PAACS in 2017, we have been committed to supplying these surgeons and hospitals with basic orthopedic equipment and implants to handle trauma cases.  We are working with a Pakistani medical manufacturing company to custom  produce our supplies.

In 2018, we have made contact with 34 of the 64 alumni, helping us to determine the most-needed supplies for them to perform critical procedures at the mission hospitals where they operate.

Delivered in a 20-25 pound box (4”x12”x14”), we supply each of the contacted alumnus with the following materials of fracture management supplies:

  • 150 Kirshner wires of 1,2,and 3mm diameter-these are stiff wires to hold a bone in place 

  • 200 feet of malleable cerclage wire to wire certain types of fractures together

  • Various stainless steel Bone plates for specific indications:

    • 50 semitubular plates – used for forearm fractures

    • 30 dynamic compression plates-used in humerus or forearms

    • 50 periarticular plates-  for fractures around knee and elbow that enter join

    • 30 reconstruction plates- used in pelvic where a bendable plate is needed

  • 400 bone screws of incremental length

  • 30 Schantz pins- threaded pins 4-5 mm in diameter used with external fixator

  • 10  5mm Rush rods -for particular adolescent distal femur fracture

After receiving feedback from the graduates, we plan to add to the shipment in 2019:              

  •  10 external fixators with additional Schantz pins per hospital. Used in fractures that are very unstable or open (skin broken)

  • Large DCP plate for femur or tibia- to surgeons that have no access to SIGN program for intramedullary rods.  (SIGN is a USA philanthropic group that provides rods for tibia and femur fractures.  Rodding is the best method of treating a lower extremity fracture but requires a large inventory of nails)

We are constantly adjusting to the feedback we receive to try to provide what is most needed for a particular hospital and surgeon.  

Our ultimate goal is to make this a sustainable program and involve as many hospitals as budget permits.

If you know of anyone who would be interested and in need of receiving these supplies, please contact us.

Orthopedic equipment.

Orthopedic equipment.